The Good

Too young, Too Soon? Naah. This Delhi team is Too young, Too Blazing. Delhi Capitals can be considered as neutral’s favorite.

Under Shreyas Iyer and guidance by players like Shikhar, Ishant, and Mishra, DC discovered its potential and reached in the playoffs. This time around they have kept a similar combination by adding some more experience in the form of Ashwin and Rahane.

The foreign player pool too looks promising on paper. DC is blessed with the best in the business by having Ricky Ponting as their head coach. They’ll be aiming to win their maiden IPL trophy this year. 

The Concerns

One thing that can be a concerning point for Delhi is the lack of experienced players. DC has struggled in past when their regular batsmen failed to click and there wasn’t anyone to pull them out.

It will be a testing phase for them to survive a pressure situation in a big match. Also, the lack of depth in pace bowling might haunt Delhi. They are relied on Rabada for pace bowling, all they would hope from him is to deliver those quickies on point. DC needs to comply young guns and experienced rookies together to create a combination that’ll get the job done.

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